2014 Tractor Ride Details

June 14th, 2014
Rain Date: June 21st, 2014


Everyone Is Welcome To Join Us!


We will meet at Killough Construction located 1/2 mile north of Ottawa on old Highway 59.

Breakfast will be served by Chuck-wagon Catering provided to the tractor drivers as part of the $10.00 tractor ride fee. Others may pay a small fee & eat breakfast with us.

Please Help Enforce The Following Rules Regarding The Ride.

Only one person per tractor, NO RIDERS. All tractors must have a slow moving vehicle triangle. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license or farm permit. No Pulled equipment of any kind. No side by side driving. All tractors must be operated in a safe manner.


All participants will be expected to follow the rules to ensure a fun and safe day. Please report any unsafe drivers to Ken at 785-418-5999. Violators will be asked to leave the ride immediately. You may also call 785-418-5999 with any questions.

We recommend that you bring a chain or tow rope or tow strap with your tractor and have enough fuel to go 30 miles.


A tram will be provided for up to 40 people to accommodate those who wish to go with us, but don’t have a tractor. Preference will be given to spouses of the tractor drivers. You may reserve a seat on the tram by calling Ken at 785-418-5999.

We will leave in two groups, the first is the group of tractors that can travel a minimum of 6 miles per hour, and the second will be tractors that can travel 11+ miles per hour. IF YOU CAN NOT TRAVEL AT THESE SPEEDS, PLEASE DO NOT COME. We need to meet these speeds for safety and to meet our schedule. If you find you can’t keep up, please pull over at a safe place and allow the other tractors to pass, and then follow the map provided for the ride.

Lunch will be available provided by the Appanoose Ladies for a free will offering, and the “Chuck Wagon” will also be available.

We will leave from Killough construction’s lot at 3633 Old Highway 59 north of Ottawa.

From the South go north down Main street to Killough construction (approx. 1/2 mile North of town. From the East take I 35 to K 68 exit then west to Main Street, turn North to Killough Construction.

From the West take K 68 to Main Street then North to Killough Construction.

From the North take Old Highway 59 exit South to Killough Construction.

The slow tractors will leave at 9:00 AM and the faster tractors will leave at 10:00.

ALL tractors MUST have a slow moving vehicle triangle displayed.

We will go west on Sand Creek road and wind through the countryside to Appanose, The return route will have about 4 miles of gravel road so be prepared.

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